Lobster Bags Series

Bledsoe & Bristowe Lobster Bags

I couldn’t have been more happy when Margaret, at Bledsoe Bags, told me she’d fallen in love with my Lobster linocut and asked me if this could this be our next collaboration.

Giraffe Family and Flamingo Camapri adverts


My Giraffe Family and Flamingo linocuts were chosen to be part of the Campari/Affordable Art Fair Art Without Walls Ad campaign in conjunction with my studio Artichoke Print Workshop.

Cat Bag photo Ginger Cat + Louis

What’s News Pussycat?

I’m pleased to introduce my new collaboration with Margaret and Susan of Bledsoe Bags with with Ginger Cat and Curious Cat

Elephant Family in green Wisque print


I’m pleased to announce my new collaboration with Wisque https://wisque.com/janebristowe

Leopard - Linocut, green ink, by Jane Bristowe

The Art of Everyone

Everyone Quarterly is a new periodical issued under The Art of Everyone online magazine which promotes art, nature and humanity projects.

Bledsoe and Bristowe bag and mask

Facemasks and Bags

I’m enjoying a special limited edition collaboration with Margaret and Susan of Bledsoe Bags

Sheep Auction for NHS

Sheep Auction for NHS

My ‘Sheep’ linocut will be auctioned on Saturday 4th July by @Art.For.Heroes on Instagram.

Turtle Navigating at Artichoke

Three New Turtle Linocuts

There are seven species of sea turtles nearly all of which are endangered and three of which are critically endangered.

The Jane Bristowe Rhino Silk Square Scarf

Rhino Silk Scarf

Fox & Chave – silk scarf makers – and I are delighted to be supporting the effort to conserve the white rhino …

Turner Pocock's children's room jungle theme

Monkey Rug

Turner Pocock’s image of this fantastic children’s room, with jungle theme, which they created for a client incorporates the Monkey rug collaboration

Jane Bristowe with London Zoo fundraiser, Kayleigh McDougall

London Zoo

I am delighted to be able to donate my Penguin, Zebra and Sloth linocuts to London Zoo.

Hare rug in The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times

Great to see my Hare rug collaboration with @amykentrugs pictured in The Sunday Times

Creatively Different Whale roller blind

Whale of a Time

This whale roller blind is part of my collaboration with Creatively Different Blinds: