Rhinoceros Animation for Save the Rhino

Animation for Save The Rhino

Marianne, known as MarpLondon created this wonderful animation of my Rhinoceros linocut for Save the Rhino to coincide with my donation of my original Rhinoceros linocut artist proof to be auctioned for Save the Rhino.

We’re both grateful to Save the Rhino for their tireless work to try to preserve the wild population of rhinos for future generations.

My Rhinoceros linocut was one of the first linocuts I created in 2006. In 2008 it was short-listed for Wildlife Artist of the Year and exhibited at the Mall Galleries. I went on to create an edition of 35 of Rhinoceros, all of which quickly sold out. I’ve consequently made a 2nd edition of this iconic image.

A recent ground breaking rhino conservation project involves an attempt to bring the northern white rhino back from the brink of extinction. To this end, BioRescue Project have been working with Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, home to the last two remaining northern white rhinos in the world. In a remarkable development, BioRescue Project have created twelve northern white rhino embryos giving hope for the survival of this species.

The next step of this project entails the BioRescue Project team implanting an embryo into a southern white rhino surrogate. To do so, they continue to work closely with Ol Pejeta and Kenya Wildlife Service. These remarkable, unfolding events can be followed through their websites and Instagram posts @BioRescue_Project and @olpejeta.