The Art of Everyone

Leopard - Linocut, green ink, by Jane BristoweEveryone Quarterly is a new periodical issued under The Art of Everyone online magazine which promotes art, nature and humanity projects.

In this current issue about animals, writer and friend Florina Falce shares an article about three endangered animals – a snow leopard, bees and turtles and has chosen to illustrate it with my linocuts. Florina and I share our love for the planet but also concern about the unfolding environmental crisis.

Bee printFlorina writes, “This story is about endangered animals. It involves three hand-picked characters – a snow leopard, a colony of bees, and a turtle – whose heroic qualities will inspire humans to join a global maintenance project these animals are leading for the benefit of our planet and all its inhabitants”.

Turtle Coming up for AirYou can enjoy Florina’s stories by clicking on this link:

I love Florina’s stories for their originality, personal touch, humour and their purpose in trying to bring awareness and support to the question of our environment – in addition to being beautifully written. I am looking forward to many future collaborations.

Everyone Quarterly includes a page about my work: