Three New Turtle Linocuts

Turtle Navigating at ArtichokeThere are seven species of sea turtles nearly all of which are endangered and three of which are critically endangered. There are several reasons for their decline including human consumption, habitat loss and climate change. The WWF, among other wildlife organisations, is working hard to reverse this decline.

The descriptions in my titles ‘Coming up for Air‘, ‘Navigating‘ and ‘Spread-eagled‘ all felt close to home for us humans too during lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I took this photo of ‘Turtle Navigating’ at my printmaking studio, called Artichoke, in Brixton just prior to lockdown.

Artichoke is currently trying to raise £1,500 to update and improve their facilities. This unique source, much loved for 28 years, is in dire need of maintenance for the artists and community groups that use it.

Artichoke is a hotbed of activity for original handmade fineart printmaking with beautiful printing presses as you can see in the photograph. Countless limited edition prints have been created here. Artichoke exhibits it’s artists at The Affordable Art Fair in Battersea.

The money raised will fund new workshops, plumbing improvements and extra equipment. It will also help fund more regular cleaning and measures to make the studio more COVID-19 safe for studio users.
Donations gratefully received at JUSTGIVING Crowdfunding Artichokeprintworkshop.