Linocuts are Jane’s medium of choice

Jane Bristowe LinocutsThe clean lines and blocks of colour that characterise Jane Bristowe’s Linocuts are the key to her love of this medium for so many of her images.


Animals are depicted often and the animal Linocuts include small and large wild animals, farm animals, various breeds of dogs, horses, pigs, cats and more.

Birds, Fish and Others

Jane Bristowe Linocut examplesThe inhabitants of the air and water ways are included, with images of various birds and fish and aquatic animals. Even insects and reptiles are not ignored.

People and Objects

People and objects capture the artist’s attention too. The linocuts feature people and their activities including men and women at work, swimmers and swimming, sports and lovers.

You can see them by looking through the Gallery, looking for them by subject matter or by using the search box and typing types of animals, activities or overall colour to find the ones for you.