Group Exhibition – Jane, Drew & Adrian -2015

The Unveiling

Exhibition Nov 18

Group Exhibition – Jane Bristowe – Drew Walker – Adrian Ramos -2015

Jason Bradbury has done it again and brought together three artists to unveil their new work . See the unveiling with a glass of champagne.

He says of Jane Bristowe ‘Her unique art and style are becoming more and more influential as well as prominent internationally’

and of Drew Walker ‘He is taking celebrity art to a different level and is turning into an international star’

And of Adrian Ramos ‘He has become one of London’s most interesting, productive and celebrated artists’

When and Where is the Show?

Wednesday 18th November 2015 6 pm – Late

45 Hollywood Road, Chelsea, London SW10 9HX

Book a Table and Dinner

You can dine by booking prior to the event. The food at the Hollywood arms restaurant is  awsome.

For an invitation please contact:

Jason Bradbury

Mobile: see top left of image – email: artwithbradbury[at]